Car fleets

Comprehensive fleet insurance

Insurance coverage covers damage to property resulting from any sudden, unexpected and unforeseeable event independent of the will of the Policyholder or the Insured, which has not been expressly excluded in the general insurance conditions or any additional provisions.

Fleet insurance is a compilation of several products that together provide protection when the following events occur:

  • personal and property damage to third parties in connection with the use of a vehicle (motor third party liability insurance)
  • damage to the insured vehicle (caused by a collision with another object, person or animal, act of vandalism, random event)
  • cleaning up the area after the damage and preventing the damage from increasing
  • vehicle theft or robbery
  • organization of assistance services (towing, replacement transport, accommodation, technical and medical assistance)
  • permanent disability or death of the driver and passengers of the vehicle

Main advantages:

  • the possibility of equalizing the insurance periods of individual fleet vehicles,
  • simplified insurance procedures;
  • simplified claims settlement procedures, also outside Poland;
  • no consumption of the insurance sum after damage to the vehicle.

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.