Farmer's liability insurance

Farmer's liability insurance is mandatory insurance for every farm owner (individual).

Farmers' third party liability insurance covers the civil liability of the farmer, persons in the same household or persons who, while working on a farm, caused damage in connection with the farmer's ownership of the farm.


The scope of insurance covers damage caused to third parties resulting from:

  • death
  • body damage
  • health disorder
  • damage or destruction of property

The scope of insurance also covers damage resulting from the operation of low-speed vehicles owned by farmers and used in connection with the farmer's farm ownership.

The detailed scope of insurance is specified in the Act of May 22, 2003 on compulsory insurance, the Insurance Guarantee Fund and the Polish Motor Insurers' Office.

The guarantee sum is the amount of protection against damage, which is:

  • in the case of personal injury, EUR 5,000,000
  • in case of damage to property EUR 1,000,000


Farmer's liability insurance can be extended under one policy to include:

Insurance of other property owned by the farmer

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.