Cyber ​​Insurance

For whom?

  • Entrepreneurs operating in all industries, with the exception of entities providing social media, pornographic materials, computer software producers, Internet providers, manufacturers or service providers of electronic equipment and its components, data processing centers, entities handling third-party payments or debt collection thirds.
  • Examples of target industries include: schools and universities, hospitals and medical clinics, retail chains, online stores, law firms and other professional services offices, manufacturing enterprises (other than electronic equipment), cooperatives, real estate administrators, car dealers, service establishments, hotels etc.




The insurance includes 4 insurance sections

  • Section A: civil liability and costs of defense in civil proceedings for breach of privacy (e.g. claims of third parties in connection with the disclosure of their personal data contained in the Insured's IT system)
  • Section B: administrative penalties and defense costs in regulatory proceedings in privacy infringement proceedings (e.g. proceedings conducted by the Personal Data Protection Office)
  • Section C: costs of response and crisis management in connection with a breach of information security (e.g. hacking into the Insured's IT system or theft of data by an employee of the Insured)
  • Section D: civil liability and costs of defense in civil proceedings in connection with a breach of information security (e.g. claims from contractors in connection with the theft of data concerning them from the Insured's IT system)

For some industries, additional protection includes

  • Section E: multimedia responsibility (i.e. responsibility for publications e.g. on social media, websites, etc.)
  • Section F: coverage of costs and forced payments in connection with a hacker attack

If the Insured has a Business Continuity Plan in case of a breach of information security, e.g. hacking into the Insured's computer network, failures of IT systems critical to the Insured's operations, etc., the insurance also covers

  • Section G: costs of data reconstruction and lost profit in connection with downtime caused, for example, by hacking into the Insured's IT system.




  • Up to PLN 5 million

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.