D&O insurance


For whom?

Members of the management of all joint-stock companies and limited liability companies from all industries, including the investment, construction and technology industries, as well as cooperatives, medical entities, foundations and associations. The offer is also addressed to companies registered more than two years ago.

Scope of protection

Liability insurance for the management of a company or other entity:

  • Clause A - liability of management members for damage caused in connection with management
  • Clause B - reimbursement of the managed company for the cost of compensation for the liability of management members for damage caused in connection with management
  • Clause C - company's liability for unlawful acts of the employer (employment malpractice insurance)
  • Clause D – company defense costs
  • Clause E – liability for unlawful acts relating to employee benefit programs
  • Clause F – liability of the company arising from trading in the company's securities
  • Clause G – loss of data or documents due to management errors


Extensions directory:

  • Management of an external company
  • Investigation costs
  • Defense costs in property and personal injury cases
  • Costs of defending your good name
  • Asset protection and expenses necessary to remain free
  • Administrative or civil fines and penalties
  • Costs of psychological support in connection with a claim relating to management errors
  • Appearance costs
  • Costs of a crisis event in the company
  • Excess defense costs for executives
  • Additional limit for members of supervisory bodies


  • Up to PLN 50 million
  • In the case of independent insurance of companies registered more than 2 years ago, up to PLN 10 million.

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.