From theft

Insurance against burglary and robbery of property of business entities

The subject of insurance is the movable property of business entities, i.e.:

  • current assets (goods, raw materials, finished products, materials in processing, semi-finished products, auxiliary materials, packaging, stored and not in use machines, apparatus and their spare parts, tools, etc. property)
  • property of third parties accepted for the purpose of providing a service or sale
  • equipment for premises where business activities are conducted
  • cash and other monetary values, i.e. domestic and foreign currency notes, shares, bonds, checks, bills of exchange, and other documents replacing cash in circulation, as well as gold, silver and products made of these metals, precious stones and pearls, platinum and platinum group metals.

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.