Individual life insurance

Individual life insurance is addressed to natural persons. The insurance covers the health and life of the Insured. The benefit may be paid to the Insured (in the event of e.g. permanent disability) or to an authorized person (in the event of the Insured's death).

Our offer includes a range of life insurance, including:

  • for life and endowment - if the Insured wants to protect his family in the event of his death, or a benefit paid to the Insured if he survives until the end of the policy period.
  • timely - if the Insured wants to be sure that in the event of his absence, the family will be financially secured or liabilities will be repaid, e.g. a loan
  • protection with saving for future retirement - if the Insured wants to have financial freedom after finishing work.
  • dowry - if the Insured wants to ensure financial security for his or her loved ones in the event of his or her death

In addition, we can extend additional insurance to include:

  • hospital treatment
  • death due to an accident
  • permanent disability or total permanent inability to work as a result of an accident
  • bone fracture due to an accident
  • serious illness

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.