Third party liability insurance for medical entities


Medical Entity Liability Insurance is the only reliable and effective protection for the facility against the financial consequences of medical errors, adverse events and damage to the patient's property. We offer compulsory third party liability insurance regulated by law. A perfect complement to this insurance is voluntary liability insurance, which expands the scope of protection.

Advantages of liability insurance of a medical entity (compulsory and voluntary)

  1. Protection against the financial consequences of damage incurred while performing work
  2. Guaranteed sum up to EUR 150,000 per event
  3. Individual advice from a specialized agent
  4. Possibility to purchase specialized aesthetic medicine insurance 

Third party liability insurance is mandatory

The scope and conditions of this insurance are specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of December 22, 2011: Compulsory third party liability insurance covers damage caused as a result of the action or omission of the insured person or persons covered by the insurance, during the period of insurance coverage, caused while performing professional activities.

Compulsory third party liability insurance is addressed to all medical entities.

What is not included in compulsory third party liability insurance?

  • personal injury unrelated to the services provided
  • damage consisting in damage, destruction or loss of the patient's property
  • damages consisting in the payment of contractual penalties
  • claims related to violation of patient rights that did not involve damage to the patient's health
  • aesthetic medicine

Third party liability insurance is voluntary

As part of voluntary third party liability insurance, it is possible to purchase additional coverage:

  • insurance of damage caused to employees employed by the Policyholder (employer's liability insurance)
  • insurance of movable property used by persons covered by insurance (third party liability insurance for the tenant of movable property)
  • insurance for damage resulting from the provision of dental aesthetic medicine services
  • against the consequences of damage resulting from the action of harmful substances as a result of sudden and unforeseen events
  • surplus insurance to the extent not covered by payment under the compulsory insurance of the entity performing medical activities, due to the exhaustion of the guarantee sum in this insurance
  • Third-party liability insurance for organizational damage incurred when the Policyholder performs administrative and organizational functions related to the management of a medical entity
  • insurance for violation of patient rights


The insurance provides protection for doctors and dentists who perform non-surgical medical, medical-dental and cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of patients.

In order to obtain precise information, we recommend reading the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance available on the websites of insurance companies. To calculate the premium, please contact our office agent.